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All Dancers Who Will be in Flint, MI at Some Point Over the Summer

I have decided to start taking small steps towards my dream of having my own company some day. I know it seems early, but in the dance world it's almost as if there's no such thing.
This is my plan:

From June-August 2006, I will be working on choreography to be presented at the end of the summer. This project of mine, which is going to be called summerdance, is open to everyone who has had at least one year of training in modern dance. I would like to meet with all participants at the beginning of the summer to set up a schedule, and set a performance date. Rehearsal dates and times will work around summer programs, vacations, work, and classes. So you will still be able to go away to a dance program for a month, or go to Europe for a couple weeks, or keep your job, or take your classes, and still rehearse and perform. The number of pieces you are in will depend on your availability, but everyone will get to perform in at least one piece.

My goal is to complete three works between 15-20 minutes in length, or four works 10-15 minutes in length. The performance will be a studio showing at FIM. Rehearsals will also take place at FIM. They may be in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings, weekdays or weekends.
This is not just open to dancers who are currently students at FIM.
Dancers who are in college, and who may not even be dance majors, I would love to work with you too.

If you are interested, or would like to know what some of my ideas are for choreography, you can call me (810) 429-7056, or contact me on AIM: silentadagio or through email:

There is no audition required, it's just an opportunity for dancers to dance, and for me to work on something I'm incredibly passionate about. If this works out, I would like to make it an annual thing each summer. So. Comment! My mom has already said I can have the space, I just need dancers.
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