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So we found out about Midstates. Everybody knows by now, I'm just updating for the record...

Thursday (Emerging Choreographers' Showcase):
Open Window

Friday (Concert):
Sincere Modulation

Saturday (Gala):
We are the Ones

Here's the Midstates 2005 Festival Website, if you're interested:

Hope everybody's having a good Spring Break!
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April 3 2005, 02:38:52 UTC 13 years ago

hey i'm from michigan and was wondering about the company. are all the dancers really good and like the best or are they just good dancers having fun? also are there auditions for the company and all that jazz?
well...yes we are a good company, but we're not the BEST, i suppose.

we love to dance, and fspa has a good environment for us to learn and grow as artists...

yes, we all audition after nutcracker each year, in mid-December. if you're interested in the Flint School of Performing Arts, you can visit the website: