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Hey bitches. Awesome job on Friday.

Sooo... We all want to get together this week and go to the beach for some good-byes to the seniors and some Flint Spoof Ballet filming... there are a few girls who need to be introduced to the tradition, after all.

Those of us doing Dancin' Fun get done at 12 pm every day, so we're free in the afternoons, but I know a lot of you are working/taking driver's ed/going on vacation. So post your availability, and those of us who are seeing each other everyday still (Dancin' Fun people) will try to come up with a date and time in the next couple days.

We'll call everyone on the roster from last year plus Amanda, Jessica T, and Carmen, sound good?

Questions, call me at 429-7056

PS-- I changed the background and made an icon for the community; check it out : )
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